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How does Masslooking Stories & Mass reaction work?

Brand new technology

Mass viewing & voting of Instagram stories is a completely new technology enabling to appear in the list of thousands users who viewed stories.

Why choose Mass Story Viewer?

Brand new technology

Masslooking & Hypervote Instagram is a completely new technology enabling to appear in the list of thousands users who viewed stories. When a user sees your account, he/she becomes curious and visits your page, interacts with publications and becomes your reader.

High limits for actions

You can react & view up to 50,000 Instagram user stories per day!

Brand new technology

At the moment, almost no one uses mass viewing, which gives you an advantage!

Maximum return

Mass view is much more effective than other methods of attracting subscribers to an Instagram account.

Service prices

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Payment during test

$ 1,99 /week

  • Up to 50k views & reactions daily
  • Payment per each account
  • Price per first month


Standard price

$ 3,03 /week

  • Up to 50k views & reactions daily
  • Payment per each account


For SMM agencies

Up to 90% /discount

  • Up to 50k views & reactions daily
  • Maximum privileges

How does the massviewing service work?

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The History of Masslooking

Let's plunge into history in order to understand what awaits us next.

Not many people know that there were no subscription limits before (a method called massfollowing). Thanks to this method, it was possible to gain a million subscribers in a matter of days. Next, an account with a million subscribers was sold for $200 (now the cost of an account with a million subscribers often exceeds $100,000). Back in 2014, using massfollowing, it was possible to make more than 2.5k subscriptions per day and unsubscribe more than 6k accounts in 24 hours. At that time, this method was most widely used and was the main way to get subscribers before the targeted advertising appeared. Over time, everyone began using this method and its effectiveness began to decline. At the moment, it is better to abandon this method completely, since it does not bring results and harms the reputation.
It appeared simultaneously with massfollowing. It is its soft form; initially it produced less results and almost outlived as it led to almost zero subscribers growth. It got second wind due to its modification into the cyclical liking (read below).
Cyclic Massliking
An organic way to increase the involvement is implemented in the LIKEFINITY service. First of all, it aims to work with its own audience, and thereafter - with the audience of competitors. As you know - now Instagram has an algorithmic feed, and just a small part of subscribers can see account's posts. Thanks to this method, it is possible to get an extra touch with each user. When a subscriber makes click and interacts with your content, you will appear in his feed more often. Due to the fact that more users put likes for you, your ER increases and you get into "Recommended" more often. As a result, a higher percentage of subscribers can see you. Also, this method increases the conversion into purchase and request, since you are always in full view of a customer, as you regularly like his new posts.
The mass viewing method of users' Instagram stories has begun to gain popularity more recently, despite the fact it became known more than two years ago. This is due to the fact that the stories were not so popular that time, and not so many users posted them in their accounts. At the moment, things have changed and masslooking now becoming popular among bloggers and celebrities, commercial and personal accounts. Of course, now it's possible to obtain maximum results and achieve a growth of your page visitors by tens of thousands of users. As far as it will spread and as time goes, the efficiency will reduce. But in our opinion, the technology will be efficient during one or two years. Unlikely there will be better time to launch mass viewing than it is now. Go ahead to avoid kicking yourself due to a missed opportunity.